Reality Show Big Brother Goes XXX

The UK reality show Big Brother shoves celebrity wannabes into a house and sees how they all get along. It is a competition show where people get kicked out, and the last remaining person gets a nice prize. However, you kind of have to make people like you which can be hard when you’re living with a bunch of strangers! The latest cast is kind of interesting and are proving themselves to be quite salacious. Some viewers were shocked after two cast members took things to an XXX level and turned the show more into a porn movie than a reality TV show.

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Sex Toy Company Reinvents the Condom

Condoms are great. They are very useful because they prevent unwanted pregnancies and other problems that can arise from unprotected sexual contact. Condoms have been pretty simple from the beginning of time. They currently all have a similar look and feel, and the two major options are latex or non-latex. Sure, there are some condoms that are studded for pleasure, or ribbed, and some are flavored or lubricated, but they really are mostly the same. There are also female condoms, but people don’t use those too much. Now one sex toy company is seeking to reimagine the condom.

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State of Oregon Recognizes a Third Gender Option

Cam watchers often enjoy seeing girls playing with themselves on cam, and sometimes they like to watch dudes, or couples, however, there is a third category of person which is a transgender person. Traditionally on legal documents, transgender people have had a hard time choosing which gender belongs to them. Usually they are given the one they were originally assigned, but they might identify as the other one, and they might identify as somewhere in between the two. The state of Oregon, which is known for being pretty progressive, has offered a new third option.

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3D Printed Lingerie for the Best Fit

3D printing is a pretty amazing technology. It allows us to print customized medical devices and replacement parts for people’s bodies. It allows people to quickly print prototypes of ideas, and there are even cars that are 3D printed! Of course, fashion designers have hopped on this amazing technology to produce clothing and accessories straight from the 3D printer. Now one UK lingerie designer is making a new line of 3D printed things that will fit their wearers more exactly than off the rack lingerie.

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A New Kind of Sex Toy: Wall Mounted Dildos

If you like to watch cam girls, there is a chance you have seen a dildo which looks like a big cock that a girl can insert into any of her holes. Usually a dildo is held in the hand but sometimes it is strapped into a harness that makes it look like a girl has a cock, and she uses it to fuck her lover, either by pegging a guy in the ass or pounding her lesbian girlfriend. There is even one special harness that can turn your foot into a dildo holder so you can fuck anyone you want with your foot. However, now there is a new kind of sex toy that uses the concept of a dildo in a very sexy way.

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Sex Toy Market Growing Exponentially

According to Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway news source, the sex toy industry is growing at a rapid rate. From 2016-2020 industry experts expect a compound annual growth rate of 6.91% in the field, which is quite high. The reports of products in this area include not only sex toys but also condoms, lubes, and other sex aids. Why is this industry growing so much? Most people think it is because almost everyone has become more tolerant and understanding towards the idea of sex toys. The most commonly used sex toys are vibrators and cock rings.

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