New App Helps You Learn How to Give a Girl an Orgasm

A new app called Le Petit Mort - a phrase which is French for orgasm - wants to help people be able to give women better orgasms. It’s a classy app that shows you a picture of a vulva but it is very pixelated so it’s not like you are just looking at porn. The app is equipped with an algorithm that knows where you need to place your fingers and how you should move them in order to pleasure the vagina, and a real one in real life! When you do it right, you’ll know it, because the app gives you visual cues to keep going, and if you’re not doing it too well, the app will give you some feedback on how to improve. When you give the pussy an orgasm, you’ll know it because the graphics and sounds are pretty intense (so maybe wear headphones?)

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Sex Tips for Average Guys

Not everyone can have a giant cock. Sure, size queens will always go for the big ones, but guys with average sized dicks can have great sex too and there are some simple things you can do to make your sex even better, according to sex educators. Masturbating and watching cam shows is great but it would be good to be prepared with some tactics for when you’re ready to jump in the sack and do the real thing too.

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Who Pornstars Are Voting For

XBiz is a website and news source for the adult industry. They have performed an industry poll to see who the heck pornstars want to vote for and why. As you might suspect, most of the performers and industry executives polled are somewhat liberal, and prefer the democratic candidates to republican ones. 33% of the adult industry workers prefer Hillary Clinton, while another 33% prefer Bernie Sanders. Only 22% of them like Donald Trump, while 10% of them just didn’t really care and didn’t state which candidate they support.

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Barack Obama Says 69 and the World Giggles

Barack Obama is essentially the leader of the free world, depending on who you ask and what you think about politics. He is the president of the United States and now that he is closing in on his last half of a year in office, he has become the chill president. He is so chill that he even said 69! Of course it wasn’t in a sexual context, but it seems like the whole internet is giggling.

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So You Wanna Try BDSM

When 50 Shades of Grey came out, lots of people decided they wanted to try BDSM because it seemed like a lot of fun, and less scary than it had seemed before. Watching a cam girl is a great way to get started if you’re feeling some kinky feelings brewing inside of you, because you can learn a bit about kink before you go out into the real world and practice it on a real person. Or, you can just be content to watch a submissive cam girl put nipple clamps on her sensitive buds at your bidding, or sit back and obey a strict webcam domme who controls your sexual desires.

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Gift Ideas to Spoil Your Favorite Cam Girl

Cam girls love to get spoiled, and spoiling them is certainly one way to get in their best graces. When a cam girl is happy, and you’re the one who has made her so, then she will be more likely to remember you and your interests. She will be delighted every time she sees your screen name pop into her chat room and she may even give you special recognition! Anything you spoil a girl with will make her happy, but wouldn’t some handmade lingerie or sexy latex stockings make her squeal with delight? Here are some great gift ideas for that special lady. Of course, cam performers usually have a wishlist with all of the things they desire from their fans and friends.

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Chinese Restaurant is Very Kinky!

Do you like Chinese food? Do you like kinky and sexy things? Then you would probably like this restaurant that is found in Beijing. First of all, the cups and dishes are all of a sexual nature. The cups look like boobs and bottle openers are all shaped like dicks. Along the walls, sex dolls in bondage gear watch the patrons who munch on delicious fare, with a non-judgemental gaze.

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Cam Shows are Better than Dating

Here at Chatorgasm, you can watch the best cam stars from the top camming sites. Camming is a new trend that has provided viewers with a new way to get sexy online. It’s sort of like porn, but it is completely live and interactive. Some people have even decided that they like watching XXX cams better than going out on a date!

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Study Finds Why Women Find Men Sexy

Men have wondered for pretty much all of time what women want. There have been books written about it, and whole business empires built on providing guys with dating secrets that purport to let them know what men want. A new study gives us some insight as to what it is about men that women actually find attractive. Surprisingly, looks are not the most important factor in men looking good to women, and other things are more important than you would think.

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Pop Star Demi Lovato Bares it All

Demi Lovato is a beautiful brunette actress and singer who is often in the spotlight, simply because so many people love her. She is Joe Jonas’ old flame, and also dated Wilmer Valderrama for a while. She has done some sexy photoshoots with no top on, and she does like to show off her assets now that she is growing into a full grown woman, at the age of 23. One thing that Demi does not like to show off is her sexual preference.

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