Sexy Celebrity Farrah Abraham Opens New Restaurant

Cam viewers are always interested in what the sexiest celebrities are up to. Farrah Abraham is definitely one of the sexiest brunettes around. She has a beautiful body that has been sculpted carefully by plastic surgery and has even been in a few porn movies. Farrah is an astute business woman and while some people don’t agree with her choices or the things she says, no one can deny that her success has led her to have the kind of life she wants - jet setting around the world, living in beautiful houses and being followed around by the paparazzi.

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Become a Cam Girl’s Favorite

So, you’ve come to Chatorgasm to find a cam girl to watch. Perhaps you’re craving a sexy blonde, a hot Latina or a cute Asian? Whichever you want, you can find pretty much anyone here on Chatorgasm. There are girls who just like to sit and chat with you, girls who will masturbate while you watch, girls who have brought their boyfriends along for a POV fuck session and girls who are quite kinky and love sticking things in their asses or tying themselves up for your pleasure.

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Celebrity Sex Tips

People Magazine is usually a pretty tame publication with lots of celebrity gossip and rumors, however, they recently published an article that is full of all the steamiest sex tips from your favorite celebrities and we know that cam lovers are always interested in hearing what sexy celebrities have to say about sex!

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Gay Men Turn to Porn for Sex Ed

When you’re starting to have sex, most people have some type of education that informs them on how to have sex. But the problem with that is, most sex ed classes are fairly hetero normative and just cover the basics. What happens if you’re gay? A new study from the UK shows that up to half of gay men actually learn all about gay sex from porn movies! The survey was published in FS Magazine and was conducted by GMFA, a gay men’s health non-profit.

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MMA Fighter Kimbo Slice Got His Start in Porn – but It’s Not What You Think

Kimbo Slice was an MMA fighter from the Bahamas. He was a hulking black guy who had the speed and agility to fight almost anyone! Kimbo was famous for fighting people in backyards and then the videos would get uploaded to online video sharing sites. There is a rumor going around the the reason that Kimbo got famous at first is because one of his fights was uploaded to a porn site, where porn lovers enjoyed watching it. It’s strange how there does seem to be a connection between MMA lovers and porn lovers. Perhaps it’s that they just love the fast action in both cases.

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Marei from Game of Thrones Actually Pornstar Sophie O’Brien

Pornstar Sophie O’Brien was pretty much happy doing porn when she saw a casting call for the hit TV show Game of Thrones. “They were looking for young women with natural breasts and no tattoos, who didn’t mind being filmed naked. So I immediately sent in a picture.” The beautiful redhead who has creamy pale skin fit perfectly into the role of Marei which was of a sexual nature. The show often features sexy characters who strip down nude and have a lot of sex, which is perfect for a beautiful pornstar like Sophie. She was a natural fit for the position. “They didn't need to show me how to do anything because that's how I earned my living," she said.

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Cam Model and Pornstar Myths

Cam girls and pornstars are a rare type of woman. They have sparkling personalities and beautiful bodies that people want to see all the time. They also have high sex drives and elastic holes that can fit to stretch impossibly large objects. However, some people have misconceptions about these amazing creatures who make our lives even better by providing us with sexy fodder for things we can watch. Let’s dispel these silly myths!

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Spanking Website Wins Freedom of Speech Case

Spanking is a fun and sexy activity that many people like to do for sexual purposes. They like to lay their partner over their knee and tap on their ass for a good long while until it is bright pink. Many cam girls like to spank themselves for you while you watch them and tell them how long to do it. Spanking is sometimes considered part of BDSM, because it has to do with giving pain and pleasure to someone. One independent small spanking site, Dreams of Spanking came under some fire because in the UK, where the site is made, they have some strict laws when it comes to porn. There’s no fisting allowed when it comes to porn in the UK, and no hard spanking.

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Popular Computer Game Adds More Gender Variance

The Sims is one of the most popular computer simulation games of all time. You can play the part of a character that you create completely - complete with personality traits and goals in life that you have chosen. Your Sim can have a job, raise a family, build up their house as they become more successful in life, but they can also fail in life by not doing well and they can even die! One thing that has been consistent in the game is the gender normativity of the characters. Women were women, and men were men. Women could get pregnant, and men could get women pregnant. However, all of that is changing as more awareness is brought to gender issues in the United States, the country where the game is made.

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Women More Interested in Sex Than You Think

There is a stereotype that women are never interested in sex. You see it all the time in sitcoms. The man of the relationship is always pestering his humorously frigid wife for sex and she always declines for one reason or another. However, a new study performed by The University of Toronto shows that women’s sexual desire is actually higher than what their husbands or boyfriends think it is! The study consisted of 229 couples who ranged in age from 18-68 years old who had been together for quite a while. There were three different components to the study to get a good idea of what was really going on with the couples.

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