Popular TV Shows Cause Less Sex in the UK

People in the UK are having less sex and researchers wanted to know why. The reason they came up with is quite concerning. David Spiegelhalter, a researcher at Cambridge University warns that the reason that people don’t really have sex anymore is because they are too busy binge-watching shows and spending all of their time in front of the tube. With on-demand video services, things are different than when cable TV ruled the markets. Back then, if there wasn’t something good on, you had to find something else to do like read a book or bone your partner, but now, you can just find the next thing you’d like to watch easily.

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The Butt Stuff

Some of the top sex toy questions on search engines have to do with the toys that go in the backdoor. A 2011 survey showed that 89% of people turn to the web with their sex toy question, which only makes sense because who wants to ask their friends or family about butt plugs? Sure, some people have that close relationship with their loved ones but most people would rather stay mum when it comes to the butt. So here are some tips on what to do when you want some backdoor pleasure. Of course, you can always just ask your favorite anal loving cam girl here on Chatorgasm if you have any XXX anal questions.

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