It used to be that “nude” meant the color peach – the color of light skinned people, usually caucasians. However, one lingerie designer wants to change what nude means and make it so that people of any skin tone can have nude lingerie that matches their skin tone. A lingerie company known as Naja has created the Nude for All line of lingerie which comes in 7 shades of “nude”. The line is not only for all colors but also all sizes as it goes from extra small to extra large in the panties department, and from 32A to 40DDD in the bra area. The line has three different styles of panties with a matching bra to go with it.

The CEO of the company, Catalina Gerald, came up with the idea for the company when she was watching the olympics back in 2012. She saw African American Gymnast Gabby Douglas competing, and saw that she had a “nude” colored wrap on her ankle that was much too light for her skin tone. She decided to create the line of lingerie that would not only be inclusive but also ethically made. They pay workers higher than the market average, offer flexible conditions in the factory and also fund worker education, which is a lot more than most clothing companies can say that they do. Each lingerie purchase also comes with a bag that is made by a woman in Colombia who could use a little assistance, so each purchase also helps one of them.

The first ad campaign for the line features 10 real women who have real body shapes. One of them is a Harvard business school student, another is a software engineer, and another is a ballerina. If you’re looking for a way to spoil your favorite cam girl who is a woman of color, then something from this all inclusive lingerie line might be a good choice, because at least the nude color will match their sexy skin tone.