The Scoop on Free Porn

There is a lot of free porn out there on the internet. Why would you put out a bit of dough when you could just turn to the latest tube site and see whatever you wanted for free? Well, there are plenty of reasons why free porn is just not the best, especially if you want the personalized experience that playing with a cam girl can offer.

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You Missed National Sex Day

Did you miss National Sex Day? It is a special day that should be celebrated by sluts, whores and those who love them the world round. I happens on 6/9 because well, the date resembles 69 the number that represents the sexual position where both parties get to lick each other’s junk and give each other pleasure. No one knows when this special holiday started, but someone noticed that it is listed on Urban Dictionary as National Sex Day, and each year more and more people have been celebrating in the way you would think they should - by having some hot sex!

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Sex Tips for Average Guys

Not everyone can have a giant cock. Sure, size queens will always go for the big ones, but guys with average sized dicks can have great sex too and there are some simple things you can do to make your sex even better, according to sex educators. Masturbating and watching cam shows is great but it would be good to be prepared with some tactics for when you’re ready to jump in the sack and do the real thing too.

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Cam Shows are Better than Dating

Here at Chatorgasm, you can watch the best cam stars from the top camming sites. Camming is a new trend that has provided viewers with a new way to get sexy online. It’s sort of like porn, but it is completely live and interactive. Some people have even decided that they like watching XXX cams better than going out on a date!

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