New Lingerie Line Offers Shades for Any Skin Color

It used to be that “nude” meant the color peach - the color of light skinned people, usually caucasians. However, one lingerie designer wants to change what nude means and make it so that people of any skin tone can have nude lingerie that matches their skin tone. A lingerie company known as Naja has created the Nude for All line of lingerie which comes in 7 shades of “nude”. The line is not only for all colors but also all sizes as it goes from extra small to extra large in the panties department, and from 32A to 40DDD in the bra area. The line has three different styles of panties with a matching bra to go with it.

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3D Printed Lingerie for the Best Fit

3D printing is a pretty amazing technology. It allows us to print customized medical devices and replacement parts for people’s bodies. It allows people to quickly print prototypes of ideas, and there are even cars that are 3D printed! Of course, fashion designers have hopped on this amazing technology to produce clothing and accessories straight from the 3D printer. Now one UK lingerie designer is making a new line of 3D printed things that will fit their wearers more exactly than off the rack lingerie.

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Gift Ideas to Spoil Your Favorite Cam Girl

Cam girls love to get spoiled, and spoiling them is certainly one way to get in their best graces. When a cam girl is happy, and you’re the one who has made her so, then she will be more likely to remember you and your interests. She will be delighted every time she sees your screen name pop into her chat room and she may even give you special recognition! Anything you spoil a girl with will make her happy, but wouldn’t some handmade lingerie or sexy latex stockings make her squeal with delight? Here are some great gift ideas for that special lady. Of course, cam performers usually have a wishlist with all of the things they desire from their fans and friends.

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