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Lots of guys have a fetish for big boobs. What’s not to like? They are juicy, bouncy and hot, and in a pinch they can work as a pillow. Big boobs are often considered to be of a size larger than a C cup, but depending on the frame of the person, they could be a smaller cup or a larger one to be considered big. On a BBW girl a cup size would probably have to be larger than normal to be considered large, and on a petite girl a small C cup could look large. So you can see, there is a general size idea for big boob chicks, but it all depends on the honey in question.

Big breasts become even better when a girl gets pregnant because her breasts swell with hormones and they become even more sensitive than ever. Even when she is not preggers, her breasts are an erogenous zone that make her moan when she touches them. You can give her a tip to flash her big tits or take her private to have them all to yourself. Big breasts are what many look for in a cam girl, and many of them also have big asses.

Any type of girl can have big boobs, though it is less common in Asian girls. Latina honeys, ebony girls and of course European chicks can have big tits. Even if a chick never grew tits that were very big, they can always get them surgically enhanced to give them the nice big boobs they have always dreamed of. If you want to see girls with big boobs, you will find them all right here on ChatOrgasm, since we source girls from all different camming sites to make things easier for you.