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The body of a cam girl is the most important part of the show, some would argue. There are so many features of a woman’s body that are quite alluring. First there is the face. Many people love cam girls who have a beautiful and soft face, with long hair of a blonde, brown or black hue, but for some, this is not even a requirement because they only care about the curves of the body. Some cam stars have beautiful big tits that could function as a pillow if you’re in a pinch, while others have chests that more so resemble a wooden board. Others have juicy booties that bounce up and down while they dance, and others don’t have much of a backside at all. Of course there are porn fans who prefer either tits or ass, but many cam girls have got a good set of both!

There are other body parts and conditions to concern yourself with in a cam show as well. BBW women are ones who are quite large. Unlike other girls, they actually take pride in their curves and love showing off their fat rolls to admirers like yourself. Hairy cam girls are ones who would never take a razor to any of their body parts. They have hairy pussies, hairy armpits and hairy legs. If you want to see an all natural woman, then hairy is where it is at.

Of course there are others besides women here who are doing camming. Guys are present on ChatOrgasm’s live interactive cam shows as well. There are solo dudes who cater to the gay and female clientele. When these guys have big dicks, they get to be in a category all their own because a big cock is something beautiful to behold!