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There are things that people think about brunettes, and some of them may be true or not depending on the specific person. Some brunettes are smart and sassy, while others are not that bright, though the stereotype is definitely that they are smarter than blondes. The one thing that can be said definitively about brunettes is that they are super hot and smolderingly sexy. One look at a brown haired girl can give most guys a raging boner that lasts for a while! Brunette is probably the most common shade of hair a chick can have, but it can range in color from light brown to so dark that you might even mistake it for the black hair color.

Brunettes can be pale skinned, but most Latina girls are brown haired, as are many desi chicks, ebony honeys and Asian girls. Some brunettes have red highlights that get shown only when the light hits their head in a certain way, while others are just straight brown hair and nothing else. Don’t be surprised if your favorite blonde or redhead cam star suddenly becomes a brunette because these days, changing your hair color can really happen at the drop of a hat! Most chicks know that being brunette is a fun way to explore a different side of themselves, so they are likely to try it for fun once in awhile.

Brunettes can be any shape size and color. They can be petite and skinny or be a large BBW girl. They can have giant knockers, or tiny titties. A big booty brunette girl is always loved by many, but so are the ones with tiny asses that would fit in the palm of your hand. Give a brunette a try today if you want to see what all the hubbub and celebration about girls with brown hair is about.