3D Printed Lingerie for the Best Fit

3D printing is a pretty amazing technology. It allows us to print customized medical devices and replacement parts for people’s bodies. It allows people to quickly print prototypes of ideas, and there are even cars that are 3D printed! Of course, fashion designers have hopped on this amazing technology to produce clothing and accessories straight from the 3D printer. Now one UK lingerie designer is making a new line of 3D printed things that will fit their wearers more exactly than off the rack lingerie.

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A New Kind of Sex Toy: Wall Mounted Dildos

If you like to watch cam girls, there is a chance you have seen a dildo which looks like a big cock that a girl can insert into any of her holes. Usually a dildo is held in the hand but sometimes it is strapped into a harness that makes it look like a girl has a cock, and she uses it to fuck her lover, either by pegging a guy in the ass or pounding her lesbian girlfriend. There is even one special harness that can turn your foot into a dildo holder so you can fuck anyone you want with your foot. However, now there is a new kind of sex toy that uses the concept of a dildo in a very sexy way.

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Sex Toy Market Growing Exponentially

According to Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway news source, the sex toy industry is growing at a rapid rate. From 2016-2020 industry experts expect a compound annual growth rate of 6.91% in the field, which is quite high. The reports of products in this area include not only sex toys but also condoms, lubes, and other sex aids. Why is this industry growing so much? Most people think it is because almost everyone has become more tolerant and understanding towards the idea of sex toys. The most commonly used sex toys are vibrators and cock rings.

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Yes, There is a Porn Film Festival

The NYC Porn Film Festival took place recently and it was quite an event. It celebrates the more artistic and erotic side of porn, as opposed to something like AVN which hands out awards to pornstars for fucking well in films. This year’s festival saw a lot of great erotica that fits somewhere in between porn and film.

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Knowing Math Can Give You Better Sex

Geeks around the world can rejoice because being good at math actually has a benefit in life besides getting a really good position in engineering or as a professor. A study by folks at the International Longevity Centre, a UK think tank about long lives and elderly living has found that being good at math can help you going strong in your sex life well into your 80’s. The specific link that was found in the study was that people who were still able to do complicated math problems later on in life were also the ones who were most likely to be having some darn good sex.

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Sex Bots Coming Soon

In futuristic movies and books, there are often robots that can fulfill anyone’s desires - even sexual ones. Now, sex bots might be closer to the present than we think. At the Cheltenham Science Festival in the UK, one professor of robotics, Noel Sharkey spoke about the possibility of sex with robots. He predicts that in the future people will pop their cherries in their college dorms with these dolls, and while Mr. Sharkey doesn’t necessarily think that is a good thing, most people would beg to differ. Having sex for the first time is pretty awkward but having it with a robot who can show you the ropes would take away all the nerves!

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You Missed National Sex Day

Did you miss National Sex Day? It is a special day that should be celebrated by sluts, whores and those who love them the world round. I happens on 6/9 because well, the date resembles 69 the number that represents the sexual position where both parties get to lick each other’s junk and give each other pleasure. No one knows when this special holiday started, but someone noticed that it is listed on Urban Dictionary as National Sex Day, and each year more and more people have been celebrating in the way you would think they should - by having some hot sex!

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UEFA Mascot Has Same Name as a Sex Toy

The Union of European Football Associations is the European soccer group that puts on a championship every single year, and has for the past 15 years, to see what country is the best at soccer in any given year. This year, they have decided to create an adorable mascot for Euro 2016, the name of the tournament this time. The mascot’s name is Super Victor and he is a cool looking super hero soccer player who has a very enthusiastic smile. It’s a great name and an idea for a mascot, but an unfortunate choice.

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New BBC Show is Practically Porn

The BBC is well known for producing original shows of high quality, and now they’ve made one that is quite engaging both due to the storylines but also because it is pretty scintillating. The TV show is called Versailles and it is all about the French King Louis XIV, who had a pretty salacious lifestyle according to historical rumors. Even though the first season is just 10 episodes long, there are apparently 23 sex scenes in the first season, with the first episode alone having 6 sexy scenes. This is double what another sexy show - Game of Thrones - has on record.

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New Documentary About Weiner’s Weiner

Chances are, you probably remember Anthony Weiner. You might remember him as the congressman from New York who spoke passionately about his views, until scandal struck. First, he accidentally tweeted a picture of his dick to a college aged girl. Since he didn’t know how to use Twitter so well, it actually got tweeted publically, not privately. At first he tried to pass it off as a hack or a hoax, but then he had to come out with the truth - it was his. He resigned from congress. Then he wanted to run for mayor in 2013, saying he was a changed man, when a new sexy scandal surfaced. Weiner had been using the XXX name Carlos Danger to talk to another girl, brunette Sydney Leathers, who made a porn movie afterwards, online and through text messaging.

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