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Couples are really fun to watch on a live cam site. They are people who get together live on cam to make a great show for you to enjoy. Usually a couple consists of a guy and a girl who want to have hardcore sex on camera while you watch. Of course there are many activities that can happen with a couple besides just sticking a penis in a slutty slit. There are lots of blowjobs that happen here in the couples category as beautiful cam stars show off their deepthroating skills. You will find sensual slow sex in addition to pornstar rough sex, and even some lesbians!

The couples category is full of people who want to connect with each other in person but also share that connection with you. This category could also be considered the “group” category because there are some threesomes and “moresomes” in there too. Take one performer such as unholythree. They are a threesome with a hot Latina girl and two guys who are ready to fuck her whenever their show reaches the desired tip level. There is another performer known as WildSexFoursome which is a combination of two hot Latina couples who get it on all together in their bedroom!

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