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Gender is an important factor in choosing who you want to watch on cam. Of course we all know that gender is whether someone is a male or female. If you want to watch a female cam star, you will be happy with what we have to offer here on ChatOrgasm. There are tons of cam girls who are the best at what they do. They long to play with you live on camera and use all the sex toys they have at the ready to stuff in their holes.

Male cam stars are perfect for gay guys or girls who want to see guys doing naughty things to themselves. See them jerk off their big cocks or stick large items in their ass. Though most people think of watching girls online as what cam stars are for, male cam models are equally entertaining to those who are interested in them. Give it a try, you may enjoy it more than you think!

There are also many cam shows that combine the two main genders in various combinations. The most common being couples. Usually a couple consists of a guy and a girl who put on hardcore fucking shows for their favorite people. It could also be a girl and a girl doing lesbian activities and sometimes it is even more than two people putting on a hot group sex show.

Finally, there are also many transgender cam models. This is either someone who was born as a man who now is a woman, or vice versa. Most tranny cam models look like beautiful women but they happen to have nice cocks, and others are hot guys but they have pussies. If you enjoy transexuals then you will love watching tranny cam models! So, you have your pick of genders here on ChatOrgasm.