3D printing is a pretty amazing technology. It allows us to print customized medical devices and replacement parts for people’s bodies. It allows people to quickly print prototypes of ideas, and there are even cars that are 3D printed! Of course, fashion designers have hopped on this amazing technology to produce clothing and accessories straight from the 3D printer. Now one UK lingerie designer is making a new line of 3D printed things that will fit their wearers more exactly than off the rack lingerie.

Some companies are replacing the uncomfortable underwire of a bra with a new 3D printed one, and other companies have 3D printed more realistic looking fake breasts for those who have survived cancer. Lately, Jess Haughton, a 23 year old college student from the UK has created her own line of lingerie that instead of being made from stretchy fabric that can be uncomfortable to wear, is made from 3D printed stretch silicone. This material is just perfect for undergarments and foundation wear because there are no seams, and the garments won’t get stretched out as easily. She hopes to create a company in which people can put their measurements in online and order completely custom made lingerie.

While this lingerie might seem far into the future and perhaps above your price grade, there are plenty of lingerie options available until this one comes out onto the general market. Why not sign into a hot cam show and see your favorite cam slut wearing a sexy bra and panty set or a cute corset? There are tons of girls just waiting to hear how much you love their sexy outfits and you can probably even spoil them by getting them a special piece of lingerie you want to see them wearing in the future.