Condoms are great. They are very useful because they prevent unwanted pregnancies and other problems that can arise from unprotected sexual contact. Condoms have been pretty simple from the beginning of time. They currently all have a similar look and feel, and the two major options are latex or non-latex. Sure, there are some condoms that are studded for pleasure, or ribbed, and some are flavored or lubricated, but they really are mostly the same. There are also female condoms, but people don’t use those too much. Now one sex toy company is seeking to reimagine the condom.

Lelo, is a sex toy company that makes consumer toys ranging from affordable vibes and cock rings to high end $15,000 dildos. Their newest toy is a condom known as Lelo Hex. It is supposed to be thinner and stronger than other condoms, which is a claim made by many condom makers. However, the shape of this condom is supposed to be what sets it apart. It is apparently based on a hexagon, which is where the condom gets its name. It is a hexagon-reinforced material that only breaks in hexagon shaped holes that don’t spread rips, which is better for you and your XXX partners. It is supposed to feel great as the hexagon design gives more sensation.

The makers of this new condom hope that it will encourage people to use condoms more, since guys often say that they don’t want to use condoms because they don’t feel good. Lelo isn’t the only one who wants to make condoms better. Tech billionaire Bill Gates is making an offer of $100,000 to anyone who can make a great improvement on the condom, because he is passionate about keeping people healthy. Perhaps Lelo will win the contest and bring their exciting condoms to everyone in the world!

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