Cam watchers often enjoy seeing girls playing with themselves on cam, and sometimes they like to watch dudes, or couples, however, there is a third category of person which is a transgender person. Traditionally on legal documents, transgender people have had a hard time choosing which gender belongs to them. Usually they are given the one they were originally assigned, but they might identify as the other one, and they might identify as somewhere in between the two. The state of Oregon, which is known for being pretty progressive, has offered a new third option.

They now allow some people to be identified as non-binary, meaning that they don’t identify as any gender! It’s the first rule of this kind in the US, making it pretty historic. The director of the Transgender Law Center in Oakland, California said that the decision is very important, because many trans people have a hard time accessing government documents like IDs and passports. He said the new ruling is “ensuring they have access to identity documents that reflect who they are, just like everyone else.”

Oregon has always been one of the more progressive states when it comes to non-gender binary individuals. Changing your sex is much like changing your name. Just fill out a form, pay the fee and it is done! In other states the process is much more difficult and requires a lot of hoops to jump through. Aren’t you happy knowing that your favorite transgender cam stars in Oregon will be able to identify however they want on their legal documents? That will give them more time to come up with sexy ideas for their cam shows and pleasuring your from the other side of their webcam. Watch some of the best trans cam models here on Chatorgasm now!