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The OhMiBod line of toys that are used by cam girls are very special. They are toys that you can actually help to control by giving your favorite cam girl tips. Most of these toys are actually sound activated so that whenever a girl’s computer dings with the sound of your amazing tips it will turn on the vibrator a little bit. Some like to put a “wall of tips” to make a cam girl feel extra special, making the vibrator go off for a long time. Some girls have it set up so that higher tip amounts will make the vibrator go off even harder.

The two most popular OhMiBod vibes to use with ChatOrgasm cams are the Freestyle W and the Freestyle G. The Freestyle W looks like a rabbit style vibrator and it has a nice piece that goes inside of the pussy as well as a piece on the outside that pleasures a girl’s clit too. The other one, the Freestyle G is more like a dildo that can also penetrate deep enough and at the perfect angle to reach the g-spot, which may result in squirting orgasms for the right kind of girl.

Whenever you give a tip to a girl using an OhMiBod vibe, you will notice that she always jerks and moans whenever you give her tips and that’s because the system is actually working. Whenever you give her a tip the sound makes her vibrator go off and boy does her pussy really enjoy that. The OhMiBod toys put you in control of her pleasure, more than ever before. Without these ultra interactive toys, sure you can tell someone to use a vibrator, but you could never actually control it. Now you have some level of control in how much pleasure a cam girl receives during a show and it’s really fun!