A New Kind of Sex Toy: Wall Mounted Dildos

If you like to watch cam girls, there is a chance you have seen a dildo which looks like a big cock that a girl can insert into any of her holes. Usually a dildo is held in the hand but sometimes it is strapped into a harness that makes it look like a girl has a cock, and she uses it to fuck her lover, either by pegging a guy in the ass or pounding her lesbian girlfriend. There is even one special harness that can turn your foot into a dildo holder so you can fuck anyone you want with your foot. However, now there is a new kind of sex toy that uses the concept of a dildo in a very sexy way.

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Sex Toy Market Growing Exponentially

According to Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway news source, the sex toy industry is growing at a rapid rate. From 2016-2020 industry experts expect a compound annual growth rate of 6.91% in the field, which is quite high. The reports of products in this area include not only sex toys but also condoms, lubes, and other sex aids. Why is this industry growing so much? Most people think it is because almost everyone has become more tolerant and understanding towards the idea of sex toys. The most commonly used sex toys are vibrators and cock rings.

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Sex Bots Coming Soon

In futuristic movies and books, there are often robots that can fulfill anyone’s desires - even sexual ones. Now, sex bots might be closer to the present than we think. At the Cheltenham Science Festival in the UK, one professor of robotics, Noel Sharkey spoke about the possibility of sex with robots. He predicts that in the future people will pop their cherries in their college dorms with these dolls, and while Mr. Sharkey doesn’t necessarily think that is a good thing, most people would beg to differ. Having sex for the first time is pretty awkward but having it with a robot who can show you the ropes would take away all the nerves!

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Gift Ideas to Spoil Your Favorite Cam Girl

Cam girls love to get spoiled, and spoiling them is certainly one way to get in their best graces. When a cam girl is happy, and you’re the one who has made her so, then she will be more likely to remember you and your interests. She will be delighted every time she sees your screen name pop into her chat room and she may even give you special recognition! Anything you spoil a girl with will make her happy, but wouldn’t some handmade lingerie or sexy latex stockings make her squeal with delight? Here are some great gift ideas for that special lady. Of course, cam performers usually have a wishlist with all of the things they desire from their fans and friends.

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Become a Cam Girl’s Favorite

So, you’ve come to Chatorgasm to find a cam girl to watch. Perhaps you’re craving a sexy blonde, a hot Latina or a cute Asian? Whichever you want, you can find pretty much anyone here on Chatorgasm. There are girls who just like to sit and chat with you, girls who will masturbate while you watch, girls who have brought their boyfriends along for a POV fuck session and girls who are quite kinky and love sticking things in their asses or tying themselves up for your pleasure.

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Cam Model and Pornstar Myths

Cam girls and pornstars are a rare type of woman. They have sparkling personalities and beautiful bodies that people want to see all the time. They also have high sex drives and elastic holes that can fit to stretch impossibly large objects. However, some people have misconceptions about these amazing creatures who make our lives even better by providing us with sexy fodder for things we can watch. Let’s dispel these silly myths!

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