3D Printed Lingerie for the Best Fit

3D printing is a pretty amazing technology. It allows us to print customized medical devices and replacement parts for people’s bodies. It allows people to quickly print prototypes of ideas, and there are even cars that are 3D printed! Of course, fashion designers have hopped on this amazing technology to produce clothing and accessories straight from the 3D printer. Now one UK lingerie designer is making a new line of 3D printed things that will fit their wearers more exactly than off the rack lingerie.

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Cam Shows are Better than Dating

Here at Chatorgasm, you can watch the best cam stars from the top camming sites. Camming is a new trend that has provided viewers with a new way to get sexy online. It’s sort of like porn, but it is completely live and interactive. Some people have even decided that they like watching XXX cams better than going out on a date!

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Become a Cam Girl’s Favorite

So, you’ve come to Chatorgasm to find a cam girl to watch. Perhaps you’re craving a sexy blonde, a hot Latina or a cute Asian? Whichever you want, you can find pretty much anyone here on Chatorgasm. There are girls who just like to sit and chat with you, girls who will masturbate while you watch, girls who have brought their boyfriends along for a POV fuck session and girls who are quite kinky and love sticking things in their asses or tying themselves up for your pleasure.

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