Reality Show Big Brother Goes XXX

The UK reality show Big Brother shoves celebrity wannabes into a house and sees how they all get along. It is a competition show where people get kicked out, and the last remaining person gets a nice prize. However, you kind of have to make people like you which can be hard when you’re living with a bunch of strangers! The latest cast is kind of interesting and are proving themselves to be quite salacious. Some viewers were shocked after two cast members took things to an XXX level and turned the show more into a porn movie than a reality TV show.

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New BBC Show is Practically Porn

The BBC is well known for producing original shows of high quality, and now they’ve made one that is quite engaging both due to the storylines but also because it is pretty scintillating. The TV show is called Versailles and it is all about the French King Louis XIV, who had a pretty salacious lifestyle according to historical rumors. Even though the first season is just 10 episodes long, there are apparently 23 sex scenes in the first season, with the first episode alone having 6 sexy scenes. This is double what another sexy show - Game of Thrones - has on record.

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Barack Obama Says 69 and the World Giggles

Barack Obama is essentially the leader of the free world, depending on who you ask and what you think about politics. He is the president of the United States and now that he is closing in on his last half of a year in office, he has become the chill president. He is so chill that he even said 69! Of course it wasn’t in a sexual context, but it seems like the whole internet is giggling.

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