A New Kind of Sex Toy: Wall Mounted Dildos

If you like to watch cam girls, there is a chance you have seen a dildo which looks like a big cock that a girl can insert into any of her holes. Usually a dildo is held in the hand but sometimes it is strapped into a harness that makes it look like a girl has a cock, and she uses it to fuck her lover, either by pegging a guy in the ass or pounding her lesbian girlfriend. There is even one special harness that can turn your foot into a dildo holder so you can fuck anyone you want with your foot. However, now there is a new kind of sex toy that uses the concept of a dildo in a very sexy way.

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Sex Toy Market Growing Exponentially

According to Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway news source, the sex toy industry is growing at a rapid rate. From 2016-2020 industry experts expect a compound annual growth rate of 6.91% in the field, which is quite high. The reports of products in this area include not only sex toys but also condoms, lubes, and other sex aids. Why is this industry growing so much? Most people think it is because almost everyone has become more tolerant and understanding towards the idea of sex toys. The most commonly used sex toys are vibrators and cock rings.

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UEFA Mascot Has Same Name as a Sex Toy

The Union of European Football Associations is the European soccer group that puts on a championship every single year, and has for the past 15 years, to see what country is the best at soccer in any given year. This year, they have decided to create an adorable mascot for Euro 2016, the name of the tournament this time. The mascot’s name is Super Victor and he is a cool looking super hero soccer player who has a very enthusiastic smile. It’s a great name and an idea for a mascot, but an unfortunate choice.

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