Americans Love Gay Sex

While some states in the US aren’t quite as friendly to gay people as some other ones, a new study shows that homosexual activity in the US is at a record high. It’s surprising that a lot of the people who report having same sex experiences live precisely in the places that are more discriminatory to gay people - the conservative south. The data comes from the US General Social Survey, which has collected data from people in the US since 1972. According to this survey, same sex experiences have doubled since the 70’s, and the largest increases have come in the southern states.

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Gay Men Turn to Porn for Sex Ed

When you’re starting to have sex, most people have some type of education that informs them on how to have sex. But the problem with that is, most sex ed classes are fairly hetero normative and just cover the basics. What happens if you’re gay? A new study from the UK shows that up to half of gay men actually learn all about gay sex from porn movies! The survey was published in FS Magazine and was conducted by GMFA, a gay men’s health non-profit.

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