UEFA Mascot Has Same Name as a Sex Toy

The Union of European Football Associations is the European soccer group that puts on a championship every single year, and has for the past 15 years, to see what country is the best at soccer in any given year. This year, they have decided to create an adorable mascot for Euro 2016, the name of the tournament this time. The mascot’s name is Super Victor and he is a cool looking super hero soccer player who has a very enthusiastic smile. It’s a great name and an idea for a mascot, but an unfortunate choice.

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Sex Tips for Average Guys

Not everyone can have a giant cock. Sure, size queens will always go for the big ones, but guys with average sized dicks can have great sex too and there are some simple things you can do to make your sex even better, according to sex educators. Masturbating and watching cam shows is great but it would be good to be prepared with some tactics for when you’re ready to jump in the sack and do the real thing too.

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