Who Pornstars Are Voting For

XBiz is a website and news source for the adult industry. They have performed an industry poll to see who the heck pornstars want to vote for and why. As you might suspect, most of the performers and industry executives polled are somewhat liberal, and prefer the democratic candidates to republican ones. 33% of the adult industry workers prefer Hillary Clinton, while another 33% prefer Bernie Sanders. Only 22% of them like Donald Trump, while 10% of them just didn’t really care and didn’t state which candidate they support.

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Barack Obama Says 69 and the World Giggles

Barack Obama is essentially the leader of the free world, depending on who you ask and what you think about politics. He is the president of the United States and now that he is closing in on his last half of a year in office, he has become the chill president. He is so chill that he even said 69! Of course it wasn’t in a sexual context, but it seems like the whole internet is giggling.

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