Sex Tips for Average Guys

Not everyone can have a giant cock. Sure, size queens will always go for the big ones, but guys with average sized dicks can have great sex too and there are some simple things you can do to make your sex even better, according to sex educators. Masturbating and watching cam shows is great but it would be good to be prepared with some tactics for when you’re ready to jump in the sack and do the real thing too.

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Celebrity Sex Tips

People Magazine is usually a pretty tame publication with lots of celebrity gossip and rumors, however, they recently published an article that is full of all the steamiest sex tips from your favorite celebrities and we know that cam lovers are always interested in hearing what sexy celebrities have to say about sex!

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Women More Interested in Sex Than You Think

There is a stereotype that women are never interested in sex. You see it all the time in sitcoms. The man of the relationship is always pestering his humorously frigid wife for sex and she always declines for one reason or another. However, a new study performed by The University of Toronto shows that women’s sexual desire is actually higher than what their husbands or boyfriends think it is! The study consisted of 229 couples who ranged in age from 18-68 years old who had been together for quite a while. There were three different components to the study to get a good idea of what was really going on with the couples.

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