State of Oregon Recognizes a Third Gender Option

Cam watchers often enjoy seeing girls playing with themselves on cam, and sometimes they like to watch dudes, or couples, however, there is a third category of person which is a transgender person. Traditionally on legal documents, transgender people have had a hard time choosing which gender belongs to them. Usually they are given the one they were originally assigned, but they might identify as the other one, and they might identify as somewhere in between the two. The state of Oregon, which is known for being pretty progressive, has offered a new third option.

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Americans Love Gay Sex

While some states in the US aren’t quite as friendly to gay people as some other ones, a new study shows that homosexual activity in the US is at a record high. It’s surprising that a lot of the people who report having same sex experiences live precisely in the places that are more discriminatory to gay people - the conservative south. The data comes from the US General Social Survey, which has collected data from people in the US since 1972. According to this survey, same sex experiences have doubled since the 70’s, and the largest increases have come in the southern states.

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Study Finds Why Women Find Men Sexy

Men have wondered for pretty much all of time what women want. There have been books written about it, and whole business empires built on providing guys with dating secrets that purport to let them know what men want. A new study gives us some insight as to what it is about men that women actually find attractive. Surprisingly, looks are not the most important factor in men looking good to women, and other things are more important than you would think.

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Pop Star Demi Lovato Bares it All

Demi Lovato is a beautiful brunette actress and singer who is often in the spotlight, simply because so many people love her. She is Joe Jonas’ old flame, and also dated Wilmer Valderrama for a while. She has done some sexy photoshoots with no top on, and she does like to show off her assets now that she is growing into a full grown woman, at the age of 23. One thing that Demi does not like to show off is her sexual preference.

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Gay Men Turn to Porn for Sex Ed

When you’re starting to have sex, most people have some type of education that informs them on how to have sex. But the problem with that is, most sex ed classes are fairly hetero normative and just cover the basics. What happens if you’re gay? A new study from the UK shows that up to half of gay men actually learn all about gay sex from porn movies! The survey was published in FS Magazine and was conducted by GMFA, a gay men’s health non-profit.

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Women More Interested in Sex Than You Think

There is a stereotype that women are never interested in sex. You see it all the time in sitcoms. The man of the relationship is always pestering his humorously frigid wife for sex and she always declines for one reason or another. However, a new study performed by The University of Toronto shows that women’s sexual desire is actually higher than what their husbands or boyfriends think it is! The study consisted of 229 couples who ranged in age from 18-68 years old who had been together for quite a while. There were three different components to the study to get a good idea of what was really going on with the couples.

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