State of Oregon Recognizes a Third Gender Option

Cam watchers often enjoy seeing girls playing with themselves on cam, and sometimes they like to watch dudes, or couples, however, there is a third category of person which is a transgender person. Traditionally on legal documents, transgender people have had a hard time choosing which gender belongs to them. Usually they are given the one they were originally assigned, but they might identify as the other one, and they might identify as somewhere in between the two. The state of Oregon, which is known for being pretty progressive, has offered a new third option.

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Popular Computer Game Adds More Gender Variance

The Sims is one of the most popular computer simulation games of all time. You can play the part of a character that you create completely - complete with personality traits and goals in life that you have chosen. Your Sim can have a job, raise a family, build up their house as they become more successful in life, but they can also fail in life by not doing well and they can even die! One thing that has been consistent in the game is the gender normativity of the characters. Women were women, and men were men. Women could get pregnant, and men could get women pregnant. However, all of that is changing as more awareness is brought to gender issues in the United States, the country where the game is made.

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