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Tips are the things that make cam girls really, really happy. It’s when you give them some tokens for doing a good job, or to help them reach a goal that will allow them to put on the type of show that you want to see. Some girls have tip goals that will result in something like a toy show, which is where they use dildos and vibrators on their pussies to have a big orgasm, and other girls who are playing with their boyfriend in a couples show will get fucked by a real live cock when you give them enough to reach their goal.

Tips are also fun in situations like Token Keno, because it turns a cam show into a game. You tip certain amounts and will be given the chance to win a prize hidden on the board. Of course, you don’t really need a reason to tip your favorite broad, you can just give her a tip to show how much you really appreciate her because you’re nice. Tipping is considered good manners in the camming world because while the girls are here to get their freak on, they’re also here to get something out of cam shows that will help them further their lives and better themselves. Many of the cam models here use the tips they get for doing dirty things to help pay for college classes or important living expenses. Some might even give some to their family if they are struggling!

The other great thing about tipping is that when you do it well, a favorite cam girl will be likely to remember you, their top tipper. That hot blonde will remember that you liked it when she shook her giant knockers making them jiggle with reverberations because you gave her a memorable tip. It’s worth it to be noticed by one of these hot babes.