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Token Keno is a fun game to play if a cam model is having a Token Keno style show. It basically turns their cam show into a game show in which, whenever you tip a certain amount, you get the prize that is under the number on the board that corresponds to that tip amount. In some versions of the game, the tip amount is all the same and you just get assigned random squares on the board. For some girls, they allow the highest tipper to get a special prize at the end of the game, and other cam models do something special when their whole Keno board is emptied after all the tips have been given.

It’s kind of like the casino game Keno with some sexy differences. Some girls have a goal of giving you a cum show when their whole board is empty, and others want to get nude and do a sexy dance for you. You will definitely not see that at the casino when you win a game of Keno! Token Keno is something that cam girls do to keep their fans engaged and happy. Isn’t winning a prize a great incentive to tip your best gal? Of course tipping her anyways is always a great idea, but when there’s something else involved it’s more fun. The girls love to give presents away because they really care about and adore their fans, so games like Token Keno are just as fun for the models as they are for their viewers.

If you have been looking for a different kind of cam show, try one with Token Keno going on. You’ll get the chance to win prizes from a favorite cam star, and you will get to interact with them in a whole new way.