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Transgender people are those who don’t necessarily identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. While there are trans men, most of the performers here on ChatOrgasm who identify as a transexual are girls who have cocks. A lot of them even have cocks that really function which can be a rarity in the world of trannies. Transgender women bring together the best things of a few different worlds. They have dicks, so they can do everything that a guy can do, like fuck holes and get their dicks sucked, but they also have the soft body of a woman so that makes it even more exciting!

Trannies come in every shape and variety just like women. There are trannies with blonde hair and brown hair, as well as redheads who are here on ChatOrgasm because they want to play with you. There are busty t-girls who have big fake tits, and ones that have boobs of an average or small size that just natural. Curvy t-girls have a little extra to hold on to but there are also ones that are pretty slim and skinny. Some of the people in the transgender category here are more like crossdressers. They usually live their lives as guys but they get off on dressing like a girl and doing dirty things on cam. Others are real transgender people who live as a woman all the time, and you probably wouldn’t notice the difference between them and a cisgendered woman if you saw them on the street.

There are Latina trannies, ebony t-girls, petite babes with dicks and tall girls with nice cocks. Just tune in to the transgender category here on ChatOrgasm to find the transgender lady that you like to see on cam. We’ve got the top ones from a variety of different camming websites.